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Est. 1983
The very best in training for family companions, working therapy dogs and successful competitors
in performance events.

Obedience, Rally, Earth Dog, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Spaniel Hunting, Terrier Hunting, Tracking.
I have titled dogs in every competition venue I teach.

I have dedicated the last 35 years to the primal study of domestic canines in addition to the study
of wolves while charged with their care at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.  I have the ability to read,
understand and adapt changes in our domestic canines that defies simplicity.

*Building the Competition Athlete* - Workshops covering all aspects of developing a competition
athlete and competitive team. Selecting the right dog for the job, building the team, the importance
of body language, "reading" your dog, the psychology of competition, keeping your dog physically
and mentally fit.
Good Dog Training
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